Use new way of reading with interactive summaries, business simulator and checklists and manuals from experts
Learn main business ideas In 60 minutes
key ideas from business books
Storist mini-courses are
A case study based game to apply knowledge in real life.
online business games
Quizzes, audio and video to make it more interesting and easy to learn.
audio and video business courses
Step-by-step plans, checklists and templates from experts to use in business.
business plan
5-minute lessons with examples and illustrations from real life cases.
business lessons in 5 minutes
Why does it work?
business book key ideas
Theory is only a part of learning. You will master the key business ideas of the lesson by completing tasks from interactive book summary.
interactive business games
Each mini-course has a case game. You learn business skills online acting on behalf of the main character to solve a business problem and develop your own level of expertise.
practical materials for business
Immediately put your knowledge into practice, using templates and checklists in Doc, Excel in your further work and career development.
"I have read really all the recommended books for marketers to learn business basics. But they have nothing to compare with the format of interactive case game. It’s a real catch! You see right away how to use the skills from mini course in real life"
Scarlett, marketing team leader
"It’s a great alternative to tons of books about starting a business. Checklists and templates are awesome! It is so cool that they have annotations on how to use them. I always use them for customer development. And I can say that I’ve already learnt a lot on how to manage a business"
David, entrepreneur
Maria, product manager
"I've tried several business books summary apps, but it was hard to implement ideas from them in real life. My colleague showed me Storist. Hah, it’s a game changer! I have completed the course in just two days and I already use those skills to find out what my clients are willing to pay for"
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