Boost your English level from Intermediate to Advanced
With key ideas from business books, by spending only 15 minutes a day
Bonus: polyglots believe the best way to learn new words is by reading!
Key ideas from over 50 business books, adapted to your language level. Expand your vocabulary with relevant words and develop your career.
Spaced repetition of words
Upgrading your English on the fly
You can make the same text easier or more advanced. In order to learn more new words, choose a higher level than your current one.
Memorize words using a scientifically proven method of spaced repetition. You will learn with ease and won’t forget anything.
How will Storist elevate your English?
Bonus: according to research, it can increase learning efficiency by 50% or more!
Bonus: the more interested you are in a topic, the better you remember words and information!
Modern business best sellers
Reading is the main source of vocabulary building. Along with memorizing and repeating words, it will help you formulate thoughts more clearly. You will learn how a word is spelled and in what situations it is used.
Speaking is important too. But first, where do you find new words to explain your thoughts accurately?
You could try it. However, the effectiveness of this approach is very low. It's important to understand and remember words in the context, not an abstract word in a vacuum.
Wouldn't it be easier to take a list of the most used words and memorize them?
Isn't speaking more important?
Reading? Why-y-y-y?
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How does Storist work?
Take a quiz and get your books recommendations. Or just choose whichever you like from several topics presented in our library:

• problem solving and decision making,
• communication and relationships,
• management and leadership,
• marketing and creativity.
Step 1. Choose a book
The texts are adjusted to your current level so you can read without stress. Switch levels any time you get tired or feel brave enough to try a harder one.
Step 2. Choose a language difficulty level
All you need to do is click on a word and you'll immediately know its meaning. Add the word to your dictionary for memorization.
Step 3. Get the meaning on click and add it to your dictionary
We use a spaced repetition algorithm and prepare a personalized selection for you. Read and repeat the words every day.
Step 4. Repeat the words
Vocabulary is one of the IELTS assessment criteria. The richer your language, the higher your score will be.
You will especially benefit from Storist if you are:
Moving to a new country
Preparing for the IELTS exam
Doing business in English
Looking to expand your vocabulary
You can easily carry on a dialog and avoid misunderstandings.
You will be able to express yourself more accurately and read literature in the original language.
You want to understand native speakers and express yourself better.
We have launched an international business, and communication in English has increased dramatically. I was terribly afraid that I would be dumb or won’t understand something. Storist has become a real working thing for me :) I chose books that were close to my field, saved new words and repeated them every day through the app. It really became easier to speak, I get a real thrill when I use a word I've recently read in my speech.
After high school, I never specifically studied a language. I read a lot of articles on professional topics. But I often realized that there were some words I didn't know, and it was annoying to turn to a translator every time. I could guess the meaning from the context, but did not feel the subtlety and "flavor" of the language. With Storist everything is easier: I keep reading books with interesting ideas that develop me as a professional, and at the same time I learn new words. Definitely recommend it!
I've been actively preparing to take IELTS for my visa to Australia for a year now. The first thing I was advised by the guys who have been through this, is to read as much as possible. By chance, I saw Storist in the chat rooms in the cart and somehow I was immediately drawn in. Thank you guys, the test is in 2 months, and I'm sure that the dream will finally come true!
Nadia Epina
Project Manager
Sergey So
Senior product analyst
Mikhail Akramov
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